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Crushed-Pepper Hot Sauces

Chef Giovanni loves hot sauce!  But, he could never find any that were hot enough.  After working with several suppliers, in 2010, he approved recipes for fresh-tasting, all-natural crushed-pepper sauces that now bear the Chef Giovanni brand.

Two of these were entered into competition--and both won Blue Ribbons at Islip’s Americana Fair--Garlic Habanero, and Roasted Habanero & Garlic.

These sauces are all-natural, free of gluten-containing ingredients, and contain NO preservatives, NO artificial colors, and NO pepper extracts.


We now sell 13 varieties of delicious crushed-pepper sauces, from mild to ULTRA--enough to suit every taste!

Ask for them from one of our great retailers, or pick them up at one of our Farmers' Markets or other events! (We ship outside local area.)

Available in 5 oz bottles for $10.


Please note that shipping costs are an estimate:

If actual postage is LESS than the estimate, I WILL issue a refund on any amount of $1 or more.

If the actual postage is MORE than the estimated cost, that's OK.

HOWEVER, due to the website's continued